Campsite Information

Yosemite Campsites

Campsites inside Yosemite, especially in Yosemite Valley, are in enormous demand in the summer months.  Campground reservations open 5 months ahead of time at 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time on the 15th of the month and usually sell out within minutes.

We recommend that you plan to be online at before 7 a.m. to log in to your account.  Have several campsites already researched and make sure to choose a site that has a maximum vehicle length large enough for the RV you plan to rent.  It helps to have as many people you can recruit to try for sites simultaneously.

Campsite Reservation Dates:

January to March 15th - Walk Up

March 15th to April 14th - November 15th

April 15th to May 14th - December 15th

May 15th to June 14th - January 15th

June 15th to July 14th - February 15th

July 15th to August 14th - March 15th

August 15th to September 14th - April 15th

September 15th to October 14th - May 15th

October 15th to November 14th - June 15th

November 15th to December 14th - July 15th

December 15th to January 14th - August 15th

The most popular RV campgrounds in Yosemite Valley are Upper Pines, Lower Pines and North Pines, located close to Half Dome Village.  Other campgrounds outside the valley include Wawona, Crane Flat, Tuolumne Meadows, and Hodgdon Meadows.

If you can't get a campsite inside Yosemite, please let us know.  We have several options close to Yosemite such as Bass Lake at Yosemite RV Resort.

Bass Lake at Yosemite RV Resort offers full RV hookups, a pool, playground, laundry, café, and restaurants and shops within walking distance.  Yosemite Valley is a one hour drive away, or take the YARTS bus service and connect to the free shuttles in the valley.  Ask us about this great place to camp!